1. SXSW 2013: Ten Must See Artists in Texas…


    Family band of sassy babes from Cali who have three solid singles under their belt and Stevie Nicks vibes in the vocals? Sold. Will they bring it live? I hope so.



    Barely legal, this Brooklyn MC calls A$AP Rocky a pal and dwells in the same throwback-to-the-past-but-fresh-for-now hip-hop vibe as his (slightly) older bud. Part of the Pro Era crew, he’ll be in Australia soon for Movement Festival.



    The Illinois band formed in high school, and appeared last year with their lo-fi garage (underground) hit “Mallrats (La La La)”. It feels like 2013 could be the year that we all catch up to their catchy, singalong vibe. Helped largely by the fact they’ll be playing some of their first shows beyond their home town. Watch this space.



    The 23 year old producer behind the now infamous Harlem Shake meme is (reportedly) a whole lot more. He’s been producing since he was 13. He’s lived in Germany, London, Harlem (legit) and now Bushwick, in his young life. Working with hip-hop producer Just Blaze, the two will appear at SXSW 2013. I’ll be seeing them moments after I land. Hell yes I’ll be doing the Harlem Shake.



    They’re playing one and only one show at the biggest venue in Austin, Stubbs. Surely, they’ll be playing the new record (with that godawful artwork) Mosquito, in full? We’ll see.



    I feel like these bro’s could be my Cloud Nothings of SXSW 2013. With a love of melodic, driving 90’s guitar and hooks galore, I can’t wait to see this London band bring the nostalgia (and fist pumps) to Austin.



    The duo from Cali, both 22, know their way around legendary sounds. After releasing a handful of EP’s on their own, their debut record came out recently and is a beautiful listen; flooded with Stones, Velvets and Dylan references and carried off with total style. I really like this band. I can’t wait to see them remind us why the classics are classic.



    The Glaswegian three piece are on the cusp of giving you an electro-pop hiccy. The first taster of their sound was “The Mother We Share” but new single “Recover” totally canes it in the I-wanna-hear-this-song-over-and-over stakes. Can’t wait to see these Scots, I’ll be chatting with them too.



    The Londoners grabbed my attention with “Husbands” in mid 2012, and since then have been largely quiet. I can’t help but think they’re assembling an arsenal to completely blow my curly-tops off, in Texas. Sheesh, I hope so. Siouxsie and the Banshees vocal crawl, urgent playing, wailing guitar. Bring. It. On.



    Like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s they were just in Australia, and like the YYY's they didn't really play any of their new album. I reckon they'll be revealing it in Austin next week. And I'll be there to see. And bop along. And then sit down with them to talk all about it.


    Join me in the trenches, eh?

    - Zan Rowe


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