1. SXSW 2013: Major Lazer, Cheatahs, Skaters…

    The big event tonight in the south end of town was the “reincarnation” of Snoop Dogg. The legendary MC was to become Snoop Lion. Opening for him? Big time Jamaican singer and Snoop Lion collaborator Mavado.

    Before him? Ol’ mates Major Lazer hit the stage and hells yes, they brought the party. If I wasn’t aware it was Spring Break in Texas this week, I sure as hell am now.

    Party tricks Diplo pulled: Well he started early by getting his Wayne Coyne in and getting inside a giant bubble and rolling over the crowd.

    He also: Shot confetti cannons at every opportunity. Passed out vuvuzela’s and then crawled into the crowd to blow them loudly. Asked everyone to take their shirts off, took his shirt off, and everyone swung their t-shirts around as the bass dropped. His dancers crowd-surfed during Pon De Floor while still dancing on their backs, and Diplo himself did a good surf with plenty of hands in the air.

    Ridiculous level: Almost blowing the roof off. Seriously the best Spring Break party I’ve ever crashed.

    Highlight: Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors performing their smash hit (and Hottest 100 fave) “Get Free” live for the very first time ever. That voice kills me. She nailed it. More collabo’s pls guyz.

    Shizz was gettin’ hectic in Viceland after that (see aforementioned comment re: Spring Break) so I got free and ran up to catch Cheatahs set at Mohawk.

    I literally caught the final song. It wailed. I need to get to another of their gigs before this insane week is out. Love that band.

    On the outside side NYC band Skaters were playing next so I hung out to check out a band I was vibin’ on late last year with their ace song “Schemers”.

    Initial reaction: These bro’s sound very much like The Strokes, circa 10 years ago. Like the early days of The Strokes. Like The Strokes that are no longer making that music, but that’s ok cos this band is.

    Closing thoughts: Very unsure. It made me feel a bit cheap.

    Where to next: I’d love to be proven wrong.

    - Zan Rowe


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