1. Ahhh, welcome, please have a seat. You must be here for Matt and Alex’s Breakfast Banquet?

    A wise choice if I may say so. What is it? Why, it’s a musical extravaganza where our entire breakfast radio playlist will be made up on songs with food references.

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  2. Our Feature Album by Icelandic singer-songwriter, Asgeir.

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  4. Get the Ausmusic Month spirit in and around your ears with this playlist made up of the 2013 J Award Australian Album and Unearthed Artist of the year nominations.

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  5. SXSW 2013: Tuesday March 12, it begins…

    So, this is happening. The world’s biggest annual forecaster of new music touches down in Austin, Texas from Tuesday next week. I, your faithful seeker of all things breaking, will be doing my utmost to find you the treasure amongst more than 2000 bands playing every half hour from midnight till way past midnight, everywhere they can.


    Up to the minute reports on what’s going down will live here on the blog, with reviews of every set I witness, pictures of what’s happening in the centre of the world’s biggest music conference, and soundcloud’s of the bands you may not know yet, but will love soon.

    I’ll be calling in to triple j too, chatting with Tom and Alex, The Doctor and Richard Kingsmill about the buzz in Austin.

    And while I’m in town I plan on catchin’ up with heaps of muso’s, everyone from Glaswegian kids Chvrches to Vampire Weekend, rising band Skaters and Dan Auerbach’s bud Hanni El Khatib.

    Want to find out about the best new music? And what doesn’t live up to the hype? Check in here all next week for SXSW Music 2013 on triple j.

    - Zan Rowe

  6. The 2nd Hottest 100 2012: 200 - 101

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  7. Each year triple j selects the Next Crop, a list of upcoming Australian artists who are set to define the sound of the year ahead.

    After months of listening we’ve compiled a list containing some familiar faces who have made their mark on the Australian music landscape in 2012, alongside brand new artists set to make waves in 2013.

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  8. Pumped for Harvest? Here’s our playlist featuring our favourite Harvest artist tunes!

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  9. Get pumped for Parklife with our Parklife 2012 playlist!

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  10. A playlist made up of the artists performing at Laneway 2013 to tide us over until next year!

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  11. Hey Big Splendour!

    Hey Big Splendour!